Powerful. Efficient. Accurate. LeaveSource – FMLA Software backed by years of experience.

“Qcera, its product and all its people have always been supportive. You have an outstanding company, and for that I am so grateful.”

— Healthcare Organization

“Thank you for reaching out! We are loving LeaveSource and MyLeave, and our leave management process is going smoothly. We’re not experiencing any issues at this time.”

— Utilities Company

“Thank you most kindly for your expertise in the Leavesource implementation with us. Leavesource has really proven itself to be a ‘game changer’ in administering the Leave of Absence Process. Your knowledge of the system and ability to train on the system functions was simply impeccable. I particularly enjoyed the use of explanation, hands on technique, and practical relevant feedback which allowed for the retainment of the information rather than just a tutorial. The collaboration Leavesource provides with us to achieve system goals is impeccable. As our company requires quite a few customizations, the standard options and modules that Leavesource provides clearly shows that you know what is expected and how to streamline process in FML administration. As the solo Leave of Absence Administrator for our company I am consistently pleased in how Leavesource has come to serve as an ‘assistant’ in perfecting the compliance and tasks of providing the Family Medical Leave Act to our employees. Leavesource (as well as your team) has truly set the bar for ‘Best leave systems and practices with superior customer service.’”

— Biopharmaceutical Company

“Once the contract between Qcera and Company was signed, schedules were set and we quickly joined forces to install the LeaveSource Disability Management system. We at the company were of course concerned and skeptical even a bit resistant to the remote implementation but we quickly learned that the system was easy to maneuver and the Qcera team well prepared to respond to all our concerns and questions. Except for one site visit (based on our request) the whole implementation was handled remotely. The Qcera team worked closely with our Disability Management team to address all our concerns, issues and any problems we encountered along the way. They were always receptive to our ideas and suggestions. The Qcera team prepared agendas for each implementation meeting with a quick turnaround of minutes that addressed all open items, responsible parties and closed items. While implementation was recently completed, our team does not feel abandoned by Qcera. They have continued to address all questions and issues as they arise via email or a quick telephone call. Our Disability Management Team is extremely pleased with the LeaveSource system and all its capabilities. We recognize that going forward we will be able to significantly improve the management of all our disability cases with the capability to produce reports/metrics to our senior leadership and individual departments on a regular basis.”

— Healthcare Organization

“Automated workflow and system tracking of time used is saving a ton of time…”

— Insurance Company

“LeaveSource® is a pretty amazing system…”

— Financial Technology & Services

“Based on the various client systems we have used, we’ve been most impressed with Qcera’s LeaveSource®.”

— Qcera’s Service Partner

“If I had to describe Qcera-Leave Source in one word, it would be LIFESAVER! This system allows you to stay on top of your leaves, accommodations, and premium payments without having to open a spreadsheet. There are multiple modules that you are able to choose from depending on your organizational needs and the Qcera team was awesome explaining this during our implementation process. I would highly recommend this Leave Management System to organizations who are looking to automate their processes while at the same time staying compliant with the ever-changing laws. If you want a user-friendly system from an employee and admin standpoint, this is the system for you.”

— Nonprofit Organization

“I am most definitely saving a good chunk of time, probably between a half hour and an hour per leave. I used to manually type letters so the fact that LeaveSource automatically queues letters/emails is saving me ‘a ton of time’. Also not having to count time manually is saving time.”

— Insurance Company

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to our project. During implementation and even after go live you have been so supportive and willing to help us through any issues. We wish every implementation went so well!”

— Healthcare Organization

“Your support further validates that obtaining Qcera’s LeaveSource services was a very good decision. I don’t think I would ever want to administer leaves again without this great product and the excellent support that has come with it.”

— Manufacturing Company

“We appreciate the training session today and the tremendous work that Qcera has put in to get us here… We know that LeaveSource® will make a significant change in our workflow and ease our LOA processing.”

— Quick Service Restaurant

“Can I just say what an absolute pleasure it’s been dealing with Qcera?! By far much better than any other implementation and service we’ve had from other third party vendors. Thank you!!!!”

— Entertainment Industry

“I hardly know where to begin because there are so many positives about this program. Prior to implementing Qcera, processing a leave of absence would take approximately 30 minutes, sometimes longer. … But since implementing Qcera, processing a leave takes about 2 to 3 minutes. I just select my leave, add leave dates, and a couple of other fields and then I’m done. The letter is automatically generated as well as an email … In fact, it’s so simple I actually enjoy my job more. Having Qcera has dramatically helped increase my productivity in other areas of my job.”

— Healthcare Organization

“LeaveSource has been a wonderful addition to our growing company and team! While bringing our leave of absence’s in-house from a third vendor company sounded difficult, the LeaveSource team helped us every step of the way through implementation! After go-live, it has made our leave process so much more efficient and personable for our company! I highly recommend this wonderful program to a company of any size that is looking for a state-of-the-art way to manage their leave files!”

— Senior Living