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Frequently Asked Questions about LeaveSource®

Generally, an employer with 50 or more employees within a 75-mile radius of the location where an employee is based is subject to the FMLA. Any employer that is subject to FMLA can benefit from the use of LeaveSource® for FMLA administration. LeaveSource® helps employers keep in compliance with FMLA and other state mandated leave of absence laws by automating much of the labor intensive administration.

Using a spreadsheet to track employee’s leave is an inefficient method for administering the company leave policies. LeaveSource® is a decision support software specifically designed for managing employee’s leaves of absences. Leave administrators will save time and overall improve employer compliance, consistency and accuracy.

To get started you will need to contact Qcera at leaveteam@qcera.com or calling (310) 473-7988. LeaveSource® is available in a “software as a service” SaaS delivery model, which means there is no software you install. Once you contact us we can discuss your LeaveSource® implementation.

Keeping your personal and business information private is vitally important to us. As with all information, Qcera will never rent or sell personal and/or business information.

If you forget your login or password you can send an email to support@qcera.com or click the “Forgot My Password” link to reset your password. You must have access to your company email address to retrieve the reset password.

Yes, the LeaveSource® technology handles most leave types, including Federal Care of Service Member and Exigency Leave, state military leave, and company policies such as union policies, jury duty, personal, extended medical leaves and others.

Yes, LeaveSource® can be integrated with most HRIS systems. Contact Qcera at leaveteam@qcera.com and we can explain how LeaveSource® is interfaced with your HRIS system.

Yes, LeaveSource® has many interfaces with payroll systems. Contact Qcera at leaveteam@qcera.com and we can explain how LeaveSource® is interfaced with your payroll.

Yes, LeaveSource® can support Short Term Disability claims management. The module integrates with leave of absence management. It also has embedded disability duration guidelines.

Yes, LeaveSource® does support the integration of medical duration guidelines. Contact Qcera at leaveteam@qcera.com for details.

LeaveSource® does not impose limits on how many records are stored. LeaveSource®’s system storage is maintained by Qcera. It is Qcera’s responsibility to make sure there is enough data storage capacity for all our clients.

There are no system limits to the number of users LeaveSource® can accommodate for a client.

All data in transit is encrypted via SSL encryption. LeaveSource® is provided on a secured website. All file transfers are sent securely using PGP encryption over FTP or secured FTP using SSL or SSH2. Additionally, all backup data is stored in an encrypted format.

Yes, Qcera’s off-site datacenter holds a SAS 70 Type II report.

The employer’s leave administrator enters leave requests via the web-based LeaveSource® interface or employees enter the leave requests over the internet using a self-service module called MyLeave. Leave request can also be accepted in a file interface. Contact Qcera at leaveteam@qcera.com for more information.

LeaveSource® has a manager self-service module. This allows managers to initiate new leaves and view their own leave information as well as initiate leave requests on behalf of the employee and view their employee’s leave status information. There is also a convenient dashboard display that clearly shows the manager who is reported to be on leave “today”.

LeaveSource® has an employee self-service module called MyLeave. This allows employees to initiate new leaves and view their leave information.

Qcera uses a number of ways to stay updated on the Federal and State leave laws; one is that we subscribe to several leave law publications and alerts. Operationally, we have a business process in place to regularly research and review the state leaves laws to make sure the configurations in LeaveSource® are appropriate. Additionally, Qcera has a relationship with Jackson Lewis, one of the largest labor law firms in the nation for interpretation and guidance on leave laws.

We communicate these changes via a general announcement. The announcement documents contain information related to the upcoming enhancements, the date of release for the changes, and information regarding any required downtime.

If a change in the Federal or State law significantly changes the way user process leaves in LeaveSource®, Qcera will provide the required training.

LeaveSource® has a toolbox within the software for instantly submitting a support question. Users can type in the question, click submit and LeaveSource® will automatically log the support request with the record ID, the users ID and time submitted. Qcera provides a 24 hour acknowledgement of receipt on all requests and most support questions are resolved within 1 business day.