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LeaveSource® Entrust

FMLA and Leave Administration Services

LeaveSource® Entrust is FMLA and leave of absence administration tailored for employers interested in reducing their administrative burden while maintaining point of contact with their employees. It is staffed by Qcera’s leave management experts dedicated to providing fair and consistent service. Powered by, LeaveSource®, the service is designed to be simple and cost-effective.

With LeaveSource® Entrust, employers no longer have to juggle spreadsheets, balance leave allotments, research leave laws, mail out notices, track down paperwork and wonder about compliance. Employers have 24×7, real-time access to information on all leaves, leave balances, certification, correspondence and reports. Outsourcing to LeaveSource® allows your HR staff to focus on your other HR needs, while we focus on your FMLA and State leave law compliance.

Key Service Benefits of LeaveSource® Entrust

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  • FMLA, State and company leave policies administered by leave of absense specialists
  • Electronic data upload of employee information to simplify data entry of leave requests
  • Employer has real time access to all leaves administered in LeaveSource Entrust
  • Timely Eligibility determination based on length of service and hours worked
  • Consistent and uniform management of leave certifications
  • Coordination with disability carrier’s approvals and denials
  • Status communication through letters and emails to employee and employer
  • Return-to-work verification for extensions and changes in health conditions
  • Intermittent and reduced schedule leave management and tracking
  • Timely email communication to employers on employee leave status
  • Clear documentation of all events related to the leave administration
  • Leave management experts review the certification information for determination
  • FMLA and State leave administration supported by expert legal advisors

Qcera is also a LeaveSource® client 

How is this a benefit? As daily users of our own product, Qcera incorporates our leave administration experience with that of our clients to further improve LeaveSource® in practical, real-life ways.