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The Seventh Circuit decided on June 1, 2022 an opinion regarding Ziccarelli v. Dart that an employee does not need to be denied FMLA leave to have their FMLA rights violated. It is a reminder for Employers that discouraging employees from FMLA can be a violation of their rights.

On May 10, 2022, Delaware became the 11th state to enact paid family leave law. Funding for the program from employer and employee contributions will begin Jan 1st, 2025 and covered employees will be able to use job-protected paid leave beginning Jan 1st, 2026.
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Did you know? FMLA requires an employer to return an employee to the same or equivalent position at the end of FMLA leave. Take careful consideration to how the employee will feel about the position when returning back to work.

For more info visit: https://www.fmlainsights.com/employer-burned-for-failing-to-return-employee-to-equivalent-position-after-fmla-ended/

Did you know? In practice, it is never safe to terminate an employee on FMLA despite the situation. To avoid any possible repercussions, it is best to allocate enough time after the employee has officially returned from FMLA leave to take the necessary steps for termination.

Maryland is the tenth state to enact a mandatory paid family or paid family and medical leave program. Beginning January 1, 2025 paid leave will be available to eligible employees for family leave, medical leave, and family military leave reasons. #Maryland #PFL #FMLA

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