Powerful. Efficient. Accurate. LeaveSource – FMLA Software backed by years of experience.

Optimize your client offerings.

LeaveSource® Partnership provides compliance solutions, the best service, and an increase in revenue.


By bundling the LeaveSource® FMLA management software or service with your existing administrative offerings, you provide an invaluable service to your clients that saves their company money — and generates revenue for yours.

  • Accurate record-keeping and reduced risk of potential litigations
  • Quick time to market
  • Implementation training and marketing support
  • Multiple tenant application
  • Fair and accurate administration
  • Private-label branding and company-tailored solutions

LeaveSource® Enterprise

For partners who want to provide clients with a streamlined absence management service.

LeaveSource® Entrust

For partners that want a turnkey solution that not only manages leave of absence record-keeping, but handles the paperwork, too.