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LeaveSource® Express

LeaveSource® Express is Qcera’s pre-configured version of LeaveSource® Enterprise tailored to help small and mid-sized employers keep in compliance with leave management requirements.

LeaveSource® Express incorporates the sophisticated features of LeaveSource® software to administer leaves in a fair and consistent manner while insuring compliance.

Offered as a web-hosted software, LeaveSource® Express significantly reduces your total cost of ownership.

Start up on LeaveSource® Express is easy. You can be up and running within a couple days.

LeaveSource® Express Includes:

  • Secured hosted web application
  • Consistent and accurate FMLA, state and employer specific policy administration
  • Automated letters, packets and emails
  • Management of continuous, intermittent and reduced schedule leaves
  • Automated reminders, alerts and to-do tasks
  • Emails of task reminders without logging in
  • Premium Payment Administration module
  • All ongoing maintenance and new releases
  • Updates to any changes to FMLA or state regulations
  • Backup and disaster recovery services
  • Ongoing support by Qcera

Qcera is also a LeaveSource® client 

How is this a benefit? As daily users of our own product, Qcera incorporates our leave administration experience with that of our clients to further improve LeaveSource® in practical, real-life ways.